EST. 2005

"Ochs' attention to detail and reporting methods are outstanding.."

Viki Hamblen - Property Manager 

"Ochs has a refreshing, technology forward approach to the industry and stands behind their process and their work."

Chad Huntsman - Director of Property Management

"...the work was completed on time and on budget. During the execution of the work, communication from Ochs was superb."

Pat Schaner - Property Manager



About Robb Ochs


Cell: 317-417-1637

Email: info@ochscsinc.com


Throughout his professional life, Robb Ochs has devoted himself to providing quality control excellence of ready mix concrete and education. As a product specialist, Robb has over 21 years' experience in the technical sales of aggregates, ready mix concrete, and contractor arena. For ten successful years, he has brought his hands-on experience to the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Robb is a Lawrence Central High School graduate with a focus on business management, sales and marketing. He began his career in the aggregate industry as a quality control technician and spent 9+ years as a quality control and technical sales manager for local ready mix concrete companies in central Indiana. During these years he was certified by the Indiana Department of Transportation as an Aggregate Technician, and with his employer, was among the first Certified Aggregate Producer facilities. He was also certified by The American Concrete Institute and The Portland Cement Association.

Ochs Concrete Services, Inc. was founded in 2005 as a part-time business while Robb worked as a Sales Manager for a local concrete contracting company. In 2007, the business became a full-time venture, fulfilling a life-long dream. In 2011, the business name changed to Ochs Site Services, and annual sales exceeded $3.0 million.