EST. 2005

"Ochs' attention to detail and reporting methods are outstanding.."

Viki Hamblen - Property Manager

"Ochs has a refreshing, technology forward approach to the industry and stands behind their process and their work."

Chad Huntsman - Director of Property Management

"...the work was completed on time and on budget. During the execution of the work, communication from Ochs was superb."

Pat Schaner - Property Manager


Scope of Work:

Site Development: Curbs, road sub base, asphalt pavement, street signs, striping, common area sidewalks, trash compactor pads and mail kiosk.

Building Package: Excavation of 16 buildngs, one club house footings, slab on grade, patios, breezeways, garage floors, and service walks.

Estimated Project Value for above scope:$2,186,156.00

Estimated Project Completion Date August 1, 2015

Westfield, IN