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Concrete Quality Control Testing Every Day we pour. 

Does your current contractor test their concrete? Ochs Site Services does.

1.) Enter your PR Code and Max. Budget

2.) View Site Map and Priority

3.) Select items and watch to see you are within budget

4.) If over budget deselect maintenance or important items to get back into budget. Then close out by selecting red "X".

Customer Choice~

The first ever on-line hard-scape buying process. It is as simple as 1-2-3-4. Log in and enter your PR code, enter a max. budget and let the fun of the buying process begin. 

Our property assessments now come with on-line buying power. Our client's will receive a private log in access to their project. This is where they can select a budget and start the on-line buying process. With most all assessments there will be a site map of all individual items of repair, brief scope of work, quantity and cost along with a snap shot of the area in question. The client determines his/her budget at the beginning of the process and selects which items they feel are urgent, important or maintenance priorities. Ochs Customer Choice allows the client to interact with ownership in other locations, collaborate on-line which saves time and money. No more revisiting sites or throwing bids out that may not qualify. This also increases the accuracy of Ochs Site Services in the bidding process, contract process and crew set up for the project to eliminate missed items and assures on time delivery.

Call us today to experience On-Line hard-scape buying power. Experience more time doing important things verses sorting through vague bids. Know before you go!


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