EST. 2005

"Ochs' attention to detail and reporting methods are outstanding.."

Viki Hamblen - Property Manager

"Ochs has a refreshing, technology forward approach to the industry and stands behind their process and their work."

Chad Huntsman - Director of Property Management

"...the work was completed on time and on budget. During the execution of the work, communication from Ochs was superb."

Pat Schaner - Property Manager

ON Time Delivery Rate for 3rd Quarter 2017

113 %

**Based on estimated working days to actual working days. Goal 95%.


Ochs Site Services is a one-of-a-kind, high-end site contractor - providing product education, choices, and solutions to our clients' investment properties.

Our client base consists of industrial, office, retail, healthcare facilities, and multi-family properties. We offer a comprehensive assessment of the property, focusing on high-liability trouble spots, preventative maintenance programs, and long-term maintenance programs, along with overall improvement and beautification. Our team's industry expertise, dedication to quality, and customer service leave our clients happy and their property needs satisfied.

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EST. 2005

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